Life Insurance

What it is and what it can do

Life Insurance is a policy that will be there, to provide the funds, to take care of the people you love , if you were no longer there to do it yourself. Think of it as one of the last gifts that you will ever give them. Whether it is :

  • Paying off the mortgage to make certain that your spouse and kids won’t have to be uprooted from the house that they know and love.
  • Providing the funds to ensure that there is money for college.
  • Making sure that the lifestyle and stability that your family had, continues even when you are not there to provide it.
  • Providing certainty that funeral costs and final expenses don’t become the burden of your parents, siblings, or children.

Life insurance can be designed to provide the money to do all of that.

How Much Do I Need???

Once a clients come to the inevitable conclusion that they need life insurance , the next stumbling block is always the question, how much do I/we need??? Sometimes (understandably), this leads to mental paralysis. The answer to that question varies greatly in every person/family’s situation. We can easily help you find out how much coverage you need in your situation. Usually it is as simple as answering 5 or 6 questions.

Term vs. Permanent

We can also help you to figure out what type of policy that you need. Term insurance offers the most bang for your buck, and often the most wise choice to get a family through the “crunch time”. Term policies suit the need when you need to carry more coverage but for a specified time frame, like 10, 20, or 30 years. There are scenarios where a permanent (Whole Life or Universal Life) policy would be beneficial. If we have a client who has a condition, or a known family history of health issues, that might make securing coverage later in life a challenge, a permanent policy may be a good fit.

The End Goal

Ultimately, and most importantly, a life insurance policy must fit into your budget. It doesn’t matter how many bells and whistles it has, if it doesn’t fit into your budget , then it will cancel and not be there when you and loved ones need it most. We write with some of the premier life insurance companies in the market today. Let us make purchasing life insurance an easy task, and take it off your to-do list.